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March 29, 2021


After a year of posting ukulele covers, and after receiving beautiful messages from all over the world, I decided to open a Patreon page! I've made this video explaining what it is and how it works, as well as the story behing my covers! 

If you'd like to support me on Patreon, please head on over to my page. I can't wait to hear from everyone! 

April 1, 2020

New instrument, new projects!

During this very strange and unexpected quarantine in March of 2020, I knew that I had to do something in order to keep myself busy and not go crazy at home. So, I decided to learn to play ukulele. More specifically, learn to play ukulele beyond the 3 or 4 chords I knew how to play. What started as a fun pass time with my roommate has turned into a small obsession, to say the least! I recorded this video, and I plan on releasing a ukulele cover every week during the quarantine, and possibly/hopefully continuing into the future! Check out this first video, and stay tuned for more! 

Sept. 19, 2019

Omβra de mi alma

Very soon after arriving to Barcelona, I started collaborating with OMβRAa band that I had discovered online and went to see live-- and I was absolutely enchanted after seeing them. On a leap of faith, Jorge Quesada, the bandleader, invited me to record a song for their album Posidonian Poetry, and the experience and subsequent collaborations were so fruitful and natural that I ended up officially joining the group as lead singer and violinist. I can honestly say that I am feeling so musically and artistically fulfilled, and I'm so excited for the future of our band! My bandmates feel like my new family. Stay tuned for news and videos, and check out the website in the meantime!

A Band is Born!

Join us on November 18th as we present the debut show of The Vagabonds, a Toronto-based group consisting of yours truly (voice & violin), Jozsef Botos (guitar), Daniel Botos (bass), and Frank Botos (drums). We are so excited to be finally playing together in this combination! We will be playing an eclectic mix of jazz, Eastern European folk music, Latin American rhythms, and pop classics –  all with a gypsy twist. Click the button for more details!

Click Here

Happy New Year!

What a year it was! The second half of 2017 was a time of great musical travels and discoveries for me. I went to Cuba and had a blast, then I was accepted to Humber and have really been enjoying that, and I started working as a violin teacher at Orrett Music Academy and that has really brought me back to my musical roots, which has been a wonderful experience. I am so thankful for my life, and I am so thankful for the support of everyone around me. I have a feeling that 2018 will be filled with even more journeys and discoveries, and I will keep you posted about everything! 

xoxo K

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An amazing summer, and an amazing start to the new school year!

Holy moly, so much news!!

I spent an AMAZING two weeks in Havana, Cuba in June. I got to perform with some of Havana's finest musicians and singers at the Festival Internacional de Danzón in the Teatro Mella and Teatro America. It was truly an incredible and enlightening experience, and I can't wait to go back next year!! Pictures and videos coming soon!

Then, after a wonderful and relaxing few weeks in the Balkans with friends and family, I came back to Toronto and was accepted to Humber College's Intro to Jazz certificate program! It has been going so well, and I am so excited to be spending so much time with the incredible profs and Canada's up-and-coming musicians-- my classmates! 

I think I have so exciting performances coming up, and I'll tell you all about them as they're confirmed!

xox K

Humber Music Events >

Next stop... HAVANA!!!

I am so excited to be able to say that in just a few weeks, I'll be going to Havana, Cuba to participate in the X Festival Internacional Danzón 2017 from June 21-25!! They will be having a few days of boleros (my favourite!) and I'll be singing those accompanied by maestro Rey Montesinos and his orchestra. I'm over the moon excited!!!!! 

I promise to post pictures! If you'll be in Havana end of June, contact me and I will give you more details about how to come to the show(s)! 

xoxo K

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What a night!

Holy moly, what an amazing night! Felipe and I launched our first CD, Minstrelle, last Sunday, Oct. 23 in Lula Lounge in Toronto. 

We. Were. Floored.

We could not even imagine that so many people would show up, and would come out to support us! It was such an overwhelming show of support, and we are so grateful to everyone who showed up! The band played amazingly, the audience was fantastic, and we were so happy to introduce our new musical baby to the world in style!

Minstrelle is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, and you can purchase physical copies directly from me by clicking HERE and following the instructions at the bottom of the page!

I'm just so happy and grateful to everyone for the support! I definitely would not be where I am without you all... So thank you thank you thank you!! 

xoxo Kristina

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Toronto Album Launch Announced!

Hello dear friends!

I have such exciting news to share! My debut album, Minstrelle, my collaboration with dear friend and amazing composer Felipe Téllez, will be launching on Sunday, October 23, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario!

The event will take place at Lula Lounge, located at 1585 Dundas St. W. in Toronto, at 7:30pm.

Everyone is invited! Bring your friends and family-- make it a dinner-and-a-show event, or simply grab a drink as you listen to some all-time favourite songs, accompanied by soon-to-be-announced guest musicians.


The CDs will be available for purchase.

Additionally, all Indiegogo contributors are specially invited to come and enjoy an evening filled with music and shmoozing, and can also pick up their supporter packages in person! 


In order to guarantee seating, we urge you to make a table reservation by calling Lula Lounge at 416-588-0307.


For more information, go to

I am looking very much forward to seeing everyone there!

xoxo Kristina

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